Compuzone PR News

Compuzone has been in Killeen since 1997. We never changed locations or management.

Compuzone-buildingMost known for our excellent repair service, we also sell new and used (refurbished) computers, laptops and tablets. Our store has a variety of most often needed accessories for the computer novice as well as the computer geek.
If you are looking for a computer store where you know your service folks by name, meet the crew at Compuzone. We believe in customer relationships, and helping you as best as we can.
Are you in a time crunch, or home-bound? We can come out to your location and either pick up your broken equipment or try and fix it on the spot.
Do you have an office with a number of workstations and need trustworthy repair service that is available to come out on location and service your equipment?
Give us a try!
Call us at 254-616-1995

Stay up to date with our sales and discounts as well as events by liking us on Facebook:

Follow the development of our company


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